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edu link seo tool graphic "EDU backlinks are considered the holy grail of all backlinks." Backlinks from other sites are considered a vote or recommendation of your website. A website with a recommendation coming from Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey is given greater trust by Google than Paris Hilton or Jenna Jameson. So your backlink campaign should consist of authoritative, trustworthy sites that sit in good neighborhoods such as .EDU blogs.


EDU Link SEO Tool

Using our Free EDU Backlink SEO Tool you can find backlinks related to your keyword search term. Our tool will return results to relevant one-way .EDU blogs to leave comments that backlink to your your website. We highly recommend you leave meaningful comments on these blogs or a moderator may remove your comment thus wasting your efforts. Take time to read the article carefully and reply to the subject matter honestly. The moderator will be more than happy to reward your efforts with a powerful backlink to your website in return.

Google gives extra emphasis to these backlinks so by building them steadily you can dramatically increase your PageRank and Search Engine Rankings. By building just 5-7 daily with the EDU link seo tool you will see a noticeable difference in the SERPS within a week. Follow this strategy for a month or two as part of a complete seo campaign and you're going to dominate. This should be only one of many search engine marketing tools in your toolbox.

We recommend using the SEO Quake Tool Bar in conjunction with the .EDU blog finder. Combined, you will be able to see the PageRank from highest to lowest directly on the .EDU search results page.

The .edu blog finder will find the most relevant .edu blogs available! Just insert
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of .edu blogs. Then comment on the blogs you find to acquire valuable educational backlinks links.  

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